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New Enhancement: Flight Tracking with Associated Call Signs

FltPlan has made flight tracking easier for pilots who routinely use the same call sign with a specific tail number. We have added an Associated Call Signs section to our Flight Tracking page, which allows you to see where your aircraft is, where it’s going, and where it’s gone.

To use this feature, first go to Main Menu > Settings > Edit Aircraft List, and make sure your call sign is entered in the Call Sign (optional) column. You can then go to Flight Tracking > Flight Tracking and view the Associated Call Signs.

FltPlan has been providing General Aviation Flight Tracking since 2001, and we now serve more corporate flight departments than any other flight tracking service. Our flight tracking service integrates with your flight plans to provide a complete suite of products.

If you have a blocked tail number, FltPlan has you covered. FltPlan lets you track your blocked tail numbers as part of our Premium Flight Tracking program. Premium Flight Tracking costs $14.95 a month and allows you to track up to 10 of your blocked tail numbers at no extra cost. Be aware that some flight tracking vendors charge over $700.00 for one plane. For more information on blocking your tail number or tracking your blocked tail number click here.

You can access our flight tracking feature from either the FltPlan Log-in page or from the left side of the Main Menu page. FltPlan’s flight tracking is also available on our free Android and iPad FltPlan Go apps.

Call Signs & Flight Tracking

Weight & Balance Program Now Available on Free FltPlan Go Android App

FltPlan Go IconFltPlan’s free Weight & Balance program is now available on our Android FltPlan Go app. At your desk or on the go, our Weight & Balance information is at your fingertips. This feature is a companion tool to our popular web-based Weight & Balance program. The Android app's Weight & Balance feature integrates with your online Weight & Balance info. You can import your aircraft's Weight & Balance data directly to your Android app, with no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters. You can then use this data offline when no internet access is available. This is a great tool that will let you do last minute calculations on the ramp or while enroute and planning your next fuel load. This feature is also available on our free iPad app. Many Part 135 commerical operators have had our W&B pogram approved by the FAA for their day to day operations

In addition, FltPlan continues to add more aircraft to our Weight & Balance program. With over 400 various makes and models, our database now includes everything from homebuilt aircraft to large, corporate jets.

You can get the Android FltPlan Go app at the Google Play Store. FltPlan Go for iPad is available on the Apple App Store.

FltPlan has a Record November

In 2014, FltPlan had its best November ever. We saw a 5 percent increase in flight plans filed over November 2013. Stay with us as we continue to grow and to offer new features.

FltPlan’s eAPIS Service Allows Multiple Passports for Passengers

eAPIS Multiple PassportsMany of our eAPIS users have had passengers with dual citizenship. With FltPlan's new enhancement, you can store two different passports for a passenger and select which one to use for a trip. To enter multiple passports, just go Main Menu > Premium Services > eAPIS > Display Passenger List. Go to the passenger info already entered, click Edit, and then change the passport information. The program will automatically create a new record with the new passport info, effectively creating two profiles for the same passenger. When creating a manifest, you will then be able to select which passport to use for that passenger.

FltPlan was the first commercial provider to be certified by DHS/Customs for submission of eAPIS manifests for Part 91 operators. We have since added Part 135, Mexican, and Caricom APIS to our menu of services.

For more information on our eAPIS service click here. To enroll, please call our Premium Services office at 731-855-8000 office between 9am and 5pm Eastern Time.

New Chart Cycle

The FltPlan Chart Store has the latest cycle of paper charts in stock. With subscriptions available and current paper charts for the U.S. and Canada ready to ship, you can count on the FltPlan Chart Store. Remember, U.S. charts are always 20% off. Go to to order current charts or to sign up for your subscription before the next edition.

Follow FltPlan on Twitter

TwitterIf you haven’t been following FltPlan on Twitter, now is the time to start. With access to FltPlan’s tweets, you can be among the first to get news about our changes and enhancements. FltPlan’s Twitter feed is a great resource for helpful tips, useful information, and updates regarding new features on our website or apps. Click here to follow FltPlan on Twitter.

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