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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     August 15, 2018
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2018 Pilots’ Choice Awards Voting Starts Today

IMAGEIMAGEPilots’ Choice voting is now active, so make sure to log into your account and vote today. Ballots appear in all accounts created before August 1st, 2018. You’ll have a chance to select your favorite FBOs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean; favorite tower location; Best ATC Center; the Star and Ace categories (which recognize smaller FBOs who provide excellent service) and more.

Voting ends on September 30th and winners will be announced in December. Good luck to all FBOs!

FltPlan’s New Flight Tracking Maps

FltPlan’s flight tracking option now has new, upgraded maps and an easy new way to access them. The maps have improved graphics and an easy–to–read informational sidebar.

To quickly view a flight tracking map, click the blue "T" icon next to your aircraft on the Active Flight Plan List. With our state–of–the–art maps, you can see exactly where your aircraft is.

As always, you can easily access Flight Tracking for unblocked tail numbers without even logging into your account. Just go to and enter your tail number in the green Flight Tracking box.

You can also track your flights by logging into your account and going to Main Menu > Flight Tracking > Flight Tracking. Locate your aircraft tail number and click the Live Tracking link next to it.

While you’re on the Flight Tracking page, don’t forget that you can set yourself up to get free notifications. Proposed, Take Off, and Landing notifications can be sent via email or text message and can be helpful in letting family members know when you took off/plan to arrive.

FltPlan’s flight tracking service is free for unblocked tail numbers. We also offer a Premium Flight Tracking service for vendor blocked tail numbers and DotCom call signs. Learn more about the new features within our tracking maps.

Coming soon: FltPlan will be releasing its new app dedicated to flight tracking. Watch for details in the next FltBrief newsletter.

Use Preferred Routes Departing Cayman Islands

In conjunction with the Cayman Island Civil Airport Authority, FltPlan is providing the proper routing for departing the Cayman Islands (MWCR, MWCB, MWCL). By using the proper routing and altitude when filing your flight plan, you will avoid having to make a trip to the Cayman flight plan office to have the route amended. This can save you an hour’s worth of time. A listing of the proper routes and altitude will automatically be displayed for flights departing Cayman Islands.’s Stored Routes Feature

Did you know that you can store up to 500 of your personal flight plan routes by using Stored Routes? In addition, you can add notes associated with these routes. For example, you could add fuel burn numbers from a trip, ATC maximum altitudes, or any other notes that you feel would be helpful for the next time you fly between the same airport pair. After saving a route and notes for an airport pair, the next time that you create a flight plan between these same airports, the Stored Route and Notes will be displayed. Now you can easily select the route for use in your flight plan. For faster viewing, the Stored Routes section also sorts your different stored routes by the departure airport and arrival airport.

How best to use Stored Routes:

• After flying a trip, go to Stored Routes (Main Menu > Settings > Stored Routes)

• The Stored Routes page will have your recent flights listed with the filed route

• If necessary, make any changes to the route that were assigned by ATC

• Add any notes that will help for future flights

• Save the changes

• The next time you create a new flight plan, your Stored Route and notes for the same city pair will automatically be displayed

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