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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     August 9, 2018
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Use a Lat/Long as Your Departure or Arrival Point

In the past, FltPlan only allowed you to create a flight plan departing or arriving an airport with a valid FAA or ICAO identifier. In our latest update, you can now file flight plans to or from airstrips or locations without an ID by using a lat/long. For our seaplane pilots, you can also enter the lat/long for a lake or other body of water.

When creating your flight plan, simply enter the lat/long in the Departure Airport or Arrival Airport field. The correct format for entering the lat/long is ####N/#####W, where ####N is the latitude and #####W is the longitude (example: 4116N/07334W or 3559N/11432W). You can get a quick reminder of this by hovering over the information icon. As a note, the use of tenths of minutes or seconds cannot be processed by the FAA when filing a flight plan.

Lat/longs can be used as departure or arrival locations for filing either IFR or VFR flight plans. IMAGE

Flightdocs™ Maintenance Records Added to FltLogic Scheduling

FlightdocsFlight Docs on FltLogicIn addition to FltLogic's integrated flight planning and comprehensive scheduling features, we've added aircraft maintenance records from Flightdocs. Flightdocs customers can quickly view aircraft maintenance status in multiple spots throughout the FltLogic program. Clickable, color–coded status indicators provide a quick view of potential issues with access to detailed information from their Flightdocs account.

To learn more, contact the FltLogic Support Team at 203–262–8500 or schedule a FltLogic demo.

FltPlan Files VFR into Mexico

In addition to filing IFR flight plans, FltPlan can now file VFR flight plans into Mexico. Don't forget you'll need Mexican APIS when crossing the border.

Voting Starts Next Week for Pilots’ Choice

Voting in FltPlan’s 2018 Pilots’ Choice Awards starts soon. Cast your ballot any time between August 15th and September 30th. Ballots will appear in any account that was created before August 1st. During the voting period, log into to cast your vote. You’ll have a chance to select your favorite FBOs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean, favorite tower location, best ATC center, and more.

Winners will be announced in early December. We wish all contestants the best of luck.

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