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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     August 25, 2016
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FltPlan Adds VFR Filing To, From, and Intra Canada

IMAGEFltPlan has been filing Canadian IFR flight plans for years, and now you can use FltPlan to file your VFR flight plans to Canada, intra Canada, and departing Canada for the U.S. Just create your flight plan and select it for filing, and we will send it to Nav Canada. All you need to do is contact Nav Canada to both activate and close the flight plan. FltPlan provides a telephone number to Nav Canada on the NavLog. They can offer valuable information on the area into which you are flying. Since FltPlan has access to flight history and contact information, our support staff is available 24/7 to assist Nav Canada if the need arises.

Please remember that Nav Canada regards a flight plan as a firm plan to depart. If your plans change, you must contact them, or they will start search and rescue procedures. Click here for an article on this subject.

Through a long-standing licensing agreement with Nav Canada, FltPlan addresses the needs of Canadian pilots and those filing to and from the U.S. into Canada by providing digital enroute and approach charts. FltPlan is also a licensed distributor of Nav Canada paper products, including the Canadian Flight Supplement, low and high altitude enroute charts, approach charts, sectionals (VNC), and terminal area charts.

FltPlan’s addition of VFR filing, combined with FltPlan’s reputation for accuracy and reliability, mean that you can plan on us when flying to Canada.

Get Your Filed Flight Plan History

Forgot where you flew a few months ago? How about 4 years ago? Using, you can get a list of the flight plans you've filed in your FltPlan account going back to 2005. To get your filed flight plan history, go to Main Menu > Flight Tracking > Flight Tracking and look for "Display flight plans filed by from this account." Select your N number and the desired time period from the drop-down menus, then click Enter.IMAGE

Use of Lat/Long in Route of Flight

Did you know that FltPlan allows you to create a flight plan using a point defined by a latitude and longitude (lat/long) as part of your route? The correct format is ####N/#####W, where ####N is the latitude (in Degrees Minutes ddmmN) and #####W is the Longitude (in Degrees Minutes dddmmW or 0ddmmW).
Example: 4116N/07334W or 3559N/11432W

It’s our suggestion that you only use a lat/long as part of your route if you really need to. Here are two reasons:

1. You might not get the lat/long in your clearance. This is especially true in high traffic areas.

2. There’s a possibility of entering erroneous numbers. Be careful when entering your lat/long data. Reversing two digits or using the wrong format can send you off in the wrong direction. You should always double check your entry by displaying a map of your route. It’s also helpful to verify that your route mileage (as shown on the NavLog) makes sense.

FltPlan Apptitude: Windows 10

With the introduction of FltPlan Go for Windows 10, we’ve done quite a bit of research and testing on various Windows tablets.

The following is a list of 2-in-1 tablets with detachable keyboards that work great:

  • Microsoft Surface (all models) – No GPS, External GPS Required
  • Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – Internal GPS
  • Lenovo ThinkPad 10 – Internal GPS
  • Toshiba Portege – Most models have Internal GPS
  • Toshiba Encore – Most models have Internal GPS
  • ASUS Transformer T100 – Internal GPS

FltPlan Stats

Thanks to all of our users, FltPlan is celebrating 17 years in business this month.


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