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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     April 24, 2018
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IMAGEUse FltPlan to File Departing the Dominican Republic
FltPlan is the only authorized filer of electronic flight plans from the D.R.

FltPlan is proud to be named the first and only authorized electronic flight plan provider for general aviation flights departing the Dominican Republic. The new filing system is currently in place at Las Americas (MDSD), Luperon (MDPP), and Cibao International (MDST) and will be fully implemented at the country’s remaining international airports by the end of April.

IMAGEThis move, announced by the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), marks FltPlan’s continued expansion into the Caribbean. What this means for you is that, with electronic flight planning, FltPlan can save you time, improve your efficiency and ensure that your flight plans comply with Dominican filing requirements. Just create your flight plan departing the Dominican Republic, select the ’File’ box, and click Press Here When Done. FltPlan takes care of the rest.

As part of the new system, FltPlan will provide warnings if flight plans are non–compliant and will offer guidance on proper routing.

Ken Wilson, President of, joined the IDAC team, left, and Alejandro Herrera, Director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), above, for a formal signing and press event to announce the agreement at the 2018 Sun ’n Fun Fly–In.

FltPlan Go for Android is Available with Garmin Integration

IMAGELast month FltPlan announced the integration of FltPlan Go for iPad with the Garmin® Connext™ System. Now we are pleased to announce that FltPlan Go for Android also integrates with Garmin Connext.

IMAGEFltPlan Go is the only Android app (other than Garmin Pilot) approved to connect with the Garmin Connext System. Why be stuck with an app that locks you into using an expensive iPad? Our free FltPlan Go app offers you the flexibility to choose your device.

With compatible Garmin avionics, pilots can simply create a flight plan on for transfer to the FltPlan Go app, then into select avionics. Flight plan transfer capability is available with Flight Stream 510 and Flight Stream 210–equipped aircraft using Garmin 650/750 and 430/530W Series avionics. In addition, flight plans can be transferred to the Garmin Pilot app.

The integration with Garmin significantly expands connectivity options for FltPlan users, giving them even greater flexibility in choosing the system that works best for their budget and needs. Click here for a complete list of compatible products.

Learn more about how to connect to Garmin with FltPlan Go for Android or iOS devices.

Plan Your Next Trip With FltPlan and FlightBridge
Making aviation travel planning easy

When planning a trip on FltPlan, you shouldn’t need to stress about having to travel to other websites to find a hotel to stay in or a car to rent. While aviation travel planning can be difficult, it’s our goal to provide our users with the best solution for booking any services they may need on their next trip.


FltPlan, in collaboration with FlightBridge, makes the process of booking and managing general aviation related services quick and easy. Through FlightBridge, pilots can book hotels, rental cars, limousines, and catering, all without ever leaving For pilots that travel often, FlightBridge can even store rewards numbers and credit card information to expedite all of their future reservations.

IMAGEIf you are interested in accessing FlightBridge, you can find it in your account under Reservations on the Main Menu page, or on the Airport Information page under Hotels/Rental Cars. For FltPlan’s Premium Service customers, FlightBridge offers negotiated pricing. So before your next trip, be sure to check out and Flightbridge for the best deals.

FltPlan Stats

In the first quarter of 2018, saw a 19.0% increase in N# flight plans filed for
Gulfstream IIs through Gulfstream VIs versus the same period last year


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