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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     April 6, 2017
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Stay Current in the Air with FltPlan Go’s Connectivity Options
Recently Added: L–3 Lynx NGT–9000

FltPlan Go recently added the L–3 Lynx NGT–9000 to the growing list of supported avionics and portable ADS–B units. Once connected to FltPlan Go, you can display information like traffic, NOTAMs, METARs, PIREPs, TAFs, and weather on your FltPlan Go Map. The NGT–9000 is a single–unit Mode S Extended Squitter transponder with traffic, WAAS/GPS, datalink weather and a color touchscreen display.

Over the last year, FltPlan has added support for many avionics to complement the existing support for portable ADS–B units. Supported avionics equipment includes models from Advanced Flight Systems, Avidyne, DAC International, Dynon and L–3/Lynx.

Also offered is app–to–app flight plan transfer to Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck and Satcom Direct Flight Deck 360. A complete list of all compatible devices can be found on FltPlan’s Connectivity List. For more information on using FltPlan Go with your avionics, please email

SMS Safety Share: A New Resource for FltPlan SMS Users

FltPlan SMS provides flight departments with the tools needed to comply with the SMS requirements of FAA Advisory AC120–92B, ICAO, IBAC’s IS–BAO, EASA, ACSF, and Transport Canada. Our SMS blends with your FltPlan account for easy entry and retrieval of weather briefings, NavLogs, and FRATS for flights entered by your flight department. All records and documents can be stored on our secure servers, accessible online by everyone on your team, or to show inspectors from anywhere in the world. Our system allows you to create multiple, custom FRATs to accomodate the unique needs of your flight department.

With our newest resource, SMS Safety Share, users can learn from others as they navigate the implementation of SMS for their company. SMS Safety Share highlights real–world SMS issues that have been faced by other FltPlan SMS users. You can search for issues from a variety of categories including safety, compliance, security, and training. A detailed description along with corrective action/mitigation information is posted for each issue. Use SMS Safety Share to gain insight into challenges that others have faced and resolved. Share your experiences and insights by adding comments.

Log in to your SMS account and look for the SMS Safety Share button on the left of the FltSafety dashboard. Click to view recent posts or browse all posts by category. Click on any post for details and to add or read comments. All issues and comments are anonymous. For more information, contact

Check Out FltPlan’s Shared Account Feature

Our Shared Account feature is an easy way to let others know what you are doing. You can use this feature to allow pre–selected people to view your Navigational Log, Multi Printout, Route Weather, and Flt Listing. This is a great tool for flight instructors, flight departments, or any pilots who wish to share information, but have separate FltPlan accounts. Your account and flight plan data are protected from changes by other users, as access is restricted to viewing the NavLog and Weather.

Shared NavLogs and Weather can be viewed on the website or on the FltPlan Go app for Apple, Android, and Windows 10 by going to Main Menu > Flight Planning > Multi-Printout.

Both pilots must opt in using their respective accounts by filling in the information in Main Menu > Settings > Share NavLog/WX.

For those with large flight departments, lets you include up to 20 usernames that can be selected on/off, so usernames do not need to be re-entered.

Shared Accounts is just one of the many tools that FltPlan offers to streamline your flight planning experience.

Help FltPlan Help You by Making Sure We Have All the
Information We Need

FltPlan’s office is staffed 24/7, so we’re always here to help you. You can help us to serve you better by making sure we have all the information we need. Here are two tips to make sure your needs are met quickly.

1. Please keep pilot contact information current. If a flight plan can’t be filed because of incorrect data, we need to talk to the pilot to correct it. There might also be an emergency, a problem with your route, or you may have forgotten to cancel your flight plan. Frequently the FAA will call us with the need to contact a pilot. We must have a way to reach you quickly and directly. All too often, we have to scour an account for phone numbers and wind up calling the pilot’s family, company HQ, or chief pilot in an effort to track him or her down.

If you’ve been using FltPlan for years, your information may have changed since you created your account. Avoid unnecessary delays by making sure your phone numbers and email are current. There is room in the pilot info slots to label whether the number is for home, office, or cell (for example: 203–555–1222 cell). Utilizing this is a great way to avoid having us call your family and worrying them.

To keep your contact information current, please go to Main Menu > Settings > User/Pilot Info. We will also check emergency contact info in your A/C ICAO data for your aircraft.

Rest assured, we will not sell your phone number or email address or use it for any other reason than an emergency or an issue with your flight plan.

2. When emailing, include all relevant information. is committed to providing great customer support. You can e-mail us with any concern, and most e-mails are answered within minutes. Giving us the proper information can make a huge difference to the ease and speed with which we answer your questions. Here’s what we need from you:

  • Your username
  • What device you’re using
  • Your N–Number, when appropriate
  • If you’re asking about a particular flight, the departure and arrival airports
  • A contact phone number, in case we feel a phone call would be more appropriate than an e–mail

Be very specific with your question and give us as much information as possible. For instance, if you’re writing because you received an error message, copy and include the message in your email. Also, let us know what device and which browser you’re using to access Unlike other companies who only work with one device, supports a variety of tablets and smartphones. We’ll be able to answer you more efficiently if we have all the necessary details right from the start.

FltPlan Stats

We had a 4.85% increase in the number of flight plans filed in March 2017 versus March 2016.


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