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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     April 14, 2016
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Approach Plates on Maps Now on FltPlan Go for Android

FltPlan Go for Android now allows users to view approach plates directly on maps.

This new feature has options that enable viewing of Weather, METARs, and Winds directly over approach plates. The transparency of the approach plate and weather can be adjusted to allow for clear viewing of the selected base map layer.

This feature enhances situational awareness when transitioning from the enroute phase to the approach phase of your flight. For those interested in buying an Android to use with our app, we suggest the Samsung Galaxy tablets for their tested performance, stabilty, and range of sizes available.

New Enhancements to FltPlan Go for Android

In our latest update to FltPlan Go for Android, we added some exciting new features. Here's what you'll find when you update to the latest version:

•  An external tab to handle connections to portable ADS-B units, including the new Dual XGPS-170, Pathfinder, L3-Lynx, Stratux, iLevil, Dynon and many installed avionics.

•  The ability to customize your aircraft icon between single engine-prop, jet, or helicopter -- with eight different color choices.

•  A filter for runway length in Airports Nearby Me. This new feature saves valuable time checking each airport

•  A Split Screen option in the Maps section. With Split Screen, you can divide your screen either vertically or horizontally and display your map on one side and your chosen split screen display on the other side. Choose from Airports, Departure Airport Procedures, Arrival Airports Procedures, NavLogs, Weather, ScratchPad, and Tools.

•  Over 6000 Instrument Approach Fixes for Canada have been added.

•  Runway Center Lines for Canadian airports are now available.

FltPlan Go for Android is great to use as your primary flight planning tool, or it can make a useful backup to FltPlan Go for iPad. Likewise, our iPad app can be used as a backup to FltPlan Go for Android. Both apps are free and you can have as many devices as you wish.

Download our Android app from the Google Play Store. FltPlan Go for iPad is available at the Apple App Store.

FltPlan Go Interfaces with More Avionics Than Ever Before

FltPlan continues to expand the list of avionics that are compatible with FltPlan Go for Android. The latest additions to the list are Avidyne's IFD540 and IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM system, L-3's Lynx NGT-9000 (all models), and the Dynon SV-D1000T. We'll keep you posted as our connectivity options continue to grow.

FltPlan Go for Android User's Manual

With users getting more accustomed to the many features available on the FltPlan Go app, we found the need for more detailed instructions. We now offer a complete FltPlan Go User's Manual for Android. Whether you've been using FltPlan Go for a while or you're a new user just becoming acquainted with our free Android app, this manual is for you. Here you'll find step-by-step directions on everything from downloading a NavLog to using our Weight & Balance tool.

Click here to download our FltPlan Go Android User's Manual.

Another Record Breaking Month at FltPlan

FltPlan continues to have record breaking months. Last month, we filed more flight plans in March 2016 than any other March in our 16-year history. The number of flight plans filed was up 4% over last year. Stay with us as we continue to grow.

FltPlan Stats

81.4% of all N#-registered flight plans were filed by FltPlan for the Phenom 100 & 300 in March 2016


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