Set up and customize your checklists on the website. Once checklists are created, you can use them on the FltPlan Go iPad app and Legacy apps for Android and iPad.

FltPlan’s free Checklist program simplifies the
pre-flight checklist process.
Our Checklist program provides a pre-loaded and customizable checklist template that prevents error by ensuring that no step is accidently missed. Once you've set up your checklists on the website, you can take them with you on the FltPlan Go iPad app and Legacy apps for iPad and Android.

FltPlan's Checklist program makes it easy to:

         •  Transfer checklists to other tail numbers
         •  Copy/share checklists
         •  Save or print your checklist
         •  Customize checklists

If you don't see a checklist for your aircraft, email the checklist to along with your username and N number and we'll add it.

For information on set up and customization read our  Checklist Tutorial.


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