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FltBrief Newsletter - April 21, 2014  
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In-flight and offline features include:

U.S. Airport Facilities Directory (A / FD)

Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS)

Detailed FBO and airport information

Up-to-date fuel prices

Document storage and binders


Weight & Balance


Runway Wind Calculator and Density Altitude Calculator

View downloaded navigation logs and weather

Scratchpad function

Draw / highlight on approach charts and other documents

Moving maps for the U.S, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America

Geo-referenced approach charts / taxi diagrams for the U.S. and Canada

Download the free iPad FltPlan Go app.iTunes App Store

iPad FltPlan Go
Offline, In Flight, and Free

FltPlan Go is the only iPad app that you need for in-flight and offline navigation. The latest release of the app includes:

  •   Geo-referenced approach charts for the U.S. and Canada
  •   Geo-referenced taxi charts for the U.S. and Canada
  •   Moving maps for the U.S. and Canada, the Caribbean,
      and Central America
  •   Breadcrumbs
Use moving maps to maximize situational awarenessFltPlan Go Moving Maps
View your GPS-acquired location over approach charts GPS Approach Chart
Breadcrumbs track your flight path. Save them for post-flight referenceIn Flight Breadcrumbs
Access tools like Checklists, Runway Wind Calculator, and Weight & Balance FltPlan Go Weight & Balance
For an overview of FltPlan Go tools and features download the iPad FltPlan Go Tutorial.


FltPlan Go pre-flight prep for in-flight use.

Make the most of your FltPlan Go in-flight experience and download the following before take off:
  • Navlogs
  • Charts & Maps
  • Airport &
    FBO Information
  • Trip–related
Don't forget to create your checklists and update your Weight & Balance profile on the website for in-flight use.

Corporate Angel Network
Give up an empty seat to help a cancer patient. FltPlan users who register with Corporate Angel Network (CAN), a non-profit organization, can provide free air transportation for cancer patients.

Once registered, choose available flights from your active flight plan list and CAN will look for a patient in need. Register now.

iPad FltPlan Go Integrated with X-Plane 10. Practice procedures and routes without ever leaving the ground, get up-to-date airport information, view your position on maps, and more. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Maple LeafFree on FltPlan: Canadian Flight Supplement. Nav Canada's version of the A/FD is now available on FltPlan for all Canadian airports. Free CFS information includes runway data, approach charts, and arrival and departure procedures.

Get your new cycle paper charts from the FltPlan Chart Store. Current paper charts for the U.S. and Canada are in stock and ready to ship. U.S. charts are always 20% off. Go to

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