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Newsletter - April 17th, 2012 Mobile for Android powered devices, version 2.5.3 (Continued)
* Quickly access your account page with the click of a button. Save your username and password, and also choose which site layout is best suited for your device - mobile version or full site (great for tablets).

* Our weather briefing features are exceptional for the serious pilot, allowing you to save an airport to a preset/favorite button. With 3 taps on the screen a user can go from the device's main screen to the weather briefing. Also, users have the ability to save briefings for offline viewing. A weather briefing is displayed in the same great, clear and comprehensible format. Briefings are available for both en route and location. For tablet users (not 7" tablets), this feature will be displayed as a split-view when it is landscape oriented. The buttons and input being on the left and the briefing will display on the right.

* With our NavLog Sync feature you no longer have to email your flight plan to your phone. You can view a list of your available flight plans found in the Active Flight Plan List of your account and download them directly to your device. Since the NavLog is saved locally on the device, viewing does not require an Internet connection. Similar to the weather briefings; the NavLog is in the same format you are familiar with from the web site. The downloaded NavLogs/Wx are also color-coded in the same format as your account's Active Flight Plan List.

* Whether you are one of our Flight Tracking customers or not, our tracking feature allows for quick access to a map of the aircraft's route and current location. The information is downloaded directly from and is equivalent to the typical tracking feature you'll find on our site. You can store up to 8 aircraft tail numbers/call-signs for quick viewing. If you are a customer of our premium flight tracking service, you can enter in your account credentials for this feature.

* With the Mobile App you can download our FltDeck Guide, which is a comprehensive FBO / Airport information database with over 6,000 airports. The information available for each airport is comparable to the FBO/Airport Info page - note that not all information displayed on the page will be available in the FltDeck Guide. Users can view geographical data, runway lengths, frequencies for tower, ground, clearance and ATIS. View available FBOs and information, including phone and fax numbers, frequencies, and also airport diagrams depicting their location (note that the depiction of FBO locations is limited to advertisers). You can also view a list of available approaches, and if you have the airport procedures downloaded via the Approach Charts feature, your one click away from viewing the PDF. In order to make the FltDeck Guide independent of an Internet/data connection it requires an initial download of database information and images. We update this information on the 1st and 15th of every month. The initial download, including the optional Airport Diagrams package is approximately 130 MB. On a typical 3G data connection (approximately 50-200kB/s) this should take about 30-45 minutes. Subsequent downloads will only update necessary information, making the download much quicker.

* Through the A/FD feature a user can download the official FAA AeroNav digital-Airport/Facility Directory (pages are in PDF format - good resolution). The entire U.S. database is approximately 100 MB, so States and regions download quickly. All downloaded information is available offline and does not require an Internet connection to view.

* Our last feature (but not the final!) is the Approach Chart Downloader and Manager. With this feature a user can download airport procedures (in high resolution PDF format) by airport, state/province, or region for offline viewing. The digital approach chart files are available every 28 days, and every 56 days for Canada. When viewed, each airport will depict its status and will be in bold font when they have expired. You can simply redownload the airport/state/region to overwrite the expired charts with the current. One thing to note is that approach plate files - when downloaded in bulk - can take up a significant amount of space on your device. For reference, downloading the entire U.S. and all Canadian procedures requires approximately 4.0 Gigabytes of storage space. Considering this, it's highly recommended to download when on a Wi-Fi connection. This is not only to prevent using up all of your purchased bandwidth on your data plan, but because personal Wi-Fi connections are typically very stable and have a significantly faster download speed (up to 10x, even 20x faster than 3G connections). As a reference, a downloading a U.S. region can take up several hundred megabytes of space, making the download take well over an hour. We all know that a Wi-Fi connection is not always available, and if you have the 3G connection and data plan, then you might as well use it. Considering this, we have developed the download manager to save the position at which it loses the connection at. Restarting the download will download only the required airports. Similarly, an incomplete download can be viewed / deleted.

If any of the above features are not available on your current App, make sure to go to the Android Market and update it to version 2.5.3!

Feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions or feedback on our App at

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